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    Argos is one of the oldest cities of the Peloponnese and Greece. Argos is considered one of the more central cities of Argolida with about 22,000 inhabitants. It has a rich historical and archaeological heritage, but most of the surviving monuments are damaged. Distinguish the following significant and important monuments and findings:

    • the pinnacle of Ellinikou which dates to the late 4th century BC century. Unlike accepted by the scientific community dating of the monument, some claim that pyramid building was built shortly after the tombs of the Pharaohs and pyramids known correlate of Argos with Egypt. To claim that rely on measurements of thermoluminescence method, but not presented at scientific conferences and challenged the validity of the methodology and results. (Source Wekipedia)
    • The ancient theater of Argos in its original form could accommodate 20,000 spectators and was used as a church in the municipality. The truly unique theater, part of which is carved into the rock, not yet restored from Archaeology. (Source Wekipedia)
    • The ancient market
    • Larissa (the ancient Acropolis of Argos) (Source Wekipedia)
    • The chambered tombs of the hill shields and more. (Source Wekipedia)
    • Many archaeological finds dating from prehistoric times, are at Argos museum housed in the old building Kallergis. Also in the center of the city of Argos is the holy temple of St. Peter Bishop of Argos. (Source Wekipedia)

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